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3 out of 4 Lone Soldiers from the U.S. will return within five years of discharging from the IDF. Since most of the organizations that supported IDF Lone Soldier Veterans only provide support as long as they remain in Israel, any resettlement costs must be covered by the Veteran. This includes the plane ticket back to the states, initial security deposits for rent, a mattress to sleep on, and most importantly, paying any bills until receiving their first paycheck. Some Veterans have a strong support system from their families who can help with this process, but for the Veterans that do not, they have the Cohen Security Foundation. The Cohen Security Foundation will support these Veterans and help cover the initial resettlement expenses, and as positions become available qualified Veterans can even be offered employment through Cohen Security.

Education is the cornerstone of personal growth, and the Cohen Security Foundation never wants an IDF Veteran to be prevented from reaching their potential because they cannot afford to pay for higher education. With scholarships available for technical, vocational, and academic studies, the Cohen Security Foundation provides the opportunity for a continued education in whichever direction is in the best interest of the Veteran.

As of 2022, the worldwide Jewish population was just shy of fifteen million, or .20% of the total world population. The IDF has approximately 170,000 active-duty soldiers which make up just 1% of the total Jewish population and of that 1% only about 7,000 are classified as Lone Soldiers. Despite being a minority within the Jewish community, the Cohen Security Foundation strives to provide the largest support community for Lone Soldiers by building the largest community for IDF Veterans in the U.S. in San Diego. The foundation organizes recreational activities, multi-day backpacking trips, social gatherings, support groups, and provides general social assistance to ensure a healthy re-acclimation.

The United States is the second most represented country in the lone soldier community.

Thousands of new lone soldiers enlist in the IDF every year

The Jewish community is only .2% of the global population


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For IDF veterans who completed their service honorably, it’s our responsibility as a community to support their transition to civilian life


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Lone Soldier Building

GOAL : 2700000 $

RAISED : 40 $

A modern residential community in Israel to house Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF

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Support for Veterans

GOAL : 250000 $

RAISED : 20 $

IDF veterans returning home can face a difficult struggle as they reintegrate into the civilian world

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Gear for Veterans

GOAL : 50000 $

RAISED : 6372 $

Many veterans of the IDF suddenly found themselves answering the call to defend the country after the events of October 7th. Digging out their old gear from storage, they realized that some of it was less than optimal for the modern-day battlefield

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