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The logo is a collection of different symbols, each with its own meaning, which together represent the concept of our organization. The olive tree is rooted in Jewish history, beginning with the story of Noah, and represents the foundation’s connection to the land of Israel. The trunk of the tree is formed by two supporting hands holding up the twelve leaves of the tree, which represent the twelve tribes of Israel and the support the foundation provides to the Jewish people. The circle encompassing the Olive tree represents the unity and timelessness of the organization’s support of the olive tree and everything it represents.

Lone soldiers serving in the IDF come from all over the world and have various backgrounds. Depending on their experience, each discharged soldier can have different opportunities or sometimes no options available to them upon their release from military service. The Cohen Security Foundation was established to ensure that all lone soldiers have at least one employment opportunity upon discharge. Cohen Security recognizes their military service and continues to build upon their previous field experience in the IDF, training them to become highly effective security professionals.

Upon returning to San Diego after living in Israel for six years, one of the founding partners of Cohen Security struggled to find work. Despite extensive work experience in the security field, no place of business understood how to interpret and apply his Israeli security experience to the US security industry. So, to prevent future lone soldiers from experiencing the same struggle, the Cohen Security Foundation was established. The underlying goal of the foundation is to provide the same social, financial, and educational assistance to lone soldiers that they would have been eligible for if they remained in Israel.

Send us an e-mail at [email protected] with a brief introduction about yourself and describe what type of assistance you are interested in. We will respond with the following steps you can take, and you can even apply for benefits if you are living outside the US! We are fluent in both Hebrew and English.

Yes, all rental or educational assistance recipients must reside in San Diego. Because in addition to becoming a recipient of support, you are joining the Cohen Security Foundation community of lone soldiers in San Diego!

Approximately six months if you are interested in receiving support immediately upon your release from the IDF. You may also apply for assistance months or years after being discharged from the IDF.

The foundation works closely with our sister company Cohen Security, which is always interested in employing individuals with IDF backgrounds. However, suppose you are not interested in working in the security industry. In that case, the Cohen Security Foundation assists you in finding work in the field most appropriate to your work experience.

The two organizations were established by the same lone soldiers and are both based in San Diego, CA.

No, however, it is preferred because the process to receive a B1 work visa to the United States is very extensive, and application is no guarantee of approval.

No! All honorably discharged lone soldiers from the IDF are eligible for benefits regardless of the type of unit they served in