What is a Lone Soldier?

Originating from the strong familial culture of Israel, Lone Soldier is a term to define a soldier serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) with no immediate family members in Israel. Lone Soldiers originate from all over the world and have different reasons for serving in the IDF, but all of them come together to fight for the protection of the State of Israel. Many non-profits and local organizations provide support to help Lone Soldiers in Israel, but only one organization helps these soldiers if they ever leave Israel, the Cohen Security Foundation.

Our Story

Established in 2022, by the same Lone Soldiers who formed Cohen Security in 2018, the Cohen Security Foundation is the bridge between years of living in Israel and resettling in the United States.

When the founding members of Cohen Security returned to the United States after their service, to their disappointment the majority of industries in the United States did not recognize any educational or work experience they had obtained while living in Israel.


How We Help

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For IDF veterans who completed their service honorably, it’s our responsibility as a community to support their transition to civilian life


Our Causes


Lone Soldier Building

GOAL : 2700000 $

RAISED : 40 $

A modern residential community in Israel to house Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF

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Support for Veterans

GOAL : 250000 $

RAISED : 20 $

IDF veterans returning home can face a difficult struggle as they reintegrate into the civilian world

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Gear for Veterans

GOAL : 50000 $

RAISED : 6372 $

Many veterans of the IDF suddenly found themselves answering the call to defend the country after the events of October 7th. Digging out their old gear from storage, they realized that some of it was less than optimal for the modern-day battlefield

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